Easy Siphon

$10.99 - $17.99
One stroke of the racking cane/piston assembly will start a siphon when immersed in as little as 6" of a beverage.
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Easy Siphon
Easy Siphon
Easy Siphon
Easy Siphon
Easy Siphon
Product Details
The Easy Siphon name says it all! No more struggling with all the different techniques to get a siphon started. The Easy Siphon will start your transfer quick and easy. Simply submerge the the siphon, pull the inner tube up about halfway, then pump down to start the siphon. 
  • Siphon starts with a single stroke.
  • Made out of Acrylic. BPA Free.
  • Include the Anti-Sediment Tip.
  • Easy to disassemble, can remove tip for better cleaning and drying.

To prolong the life of your Easy Siphon, make sure that every time you assemble the unit, the inner walls of the outside acrylic tube and the O-Ring are wet.

They are available in the following sizes:

  • 3/8” Regular: Most Popular Size! Inner racking tube fits a standard 5/16" ID x 7/16" OD tubing.
  • 1/2” Large: Not recommended for Bottling. Inner racking tube fits a 7/16" ID x 9/16" OD tubing.
  • 3/8” Mini: Best for One Gallon Jugs! Racking tube fits a standard 5/16" ID x 7/16" OD tubing.

This product is not resistant to high levels of alcohol. Do not sanitize with alcohol.

Acrylic is safe for long exposure to ABV (alcohol by Volume) up to 15%. It is safe up to 30% ABV for short periods of time (10 minutes or so). Not safe to expose acrylic to more than 30% ABV. Exceeding those limits will damage the Acrylic and could potentially leach into liquid. If you need to exceed this limits, please use a different product, contact your retailer (or us) and we can guide you to different options.

Maximum Temperature: 60 °C (140 °F).

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